Do You Know These Ferrari Colours?

Do You Know These Ferrari Colours?

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A mix of Ferrari colours.

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Arancio Rik

Arancio Rik Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Ferrari

A dark shade of orange.

Bronzo Opaco

Bronzo Opaco Ferrari LaFerrari

Photo: Arthur Brasseur

A unique and bespoke factory matte paint. The story goes that the owner of this LaFerrari requested the colour as a tribute to his excavations company.


Brunito Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Ferrari

Requested through Tailor Made, Brunito is a shade of brown. Only a handful of Ferraris are finished in this colour, often featuring a heritage leather interior.

Marrone Colorado

Marrone Colorado Ferrari 365 GTC4

Photo: Christian Delfs

A brown shade primarily used in the 1970s and 1980s. Marrone Colorado is named after the American state Colorado, known for the Rocky Mountains. The colour was also used on livery 46 of the 70 liveries Ferrari introduced in 2016 to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

Marrone Marietta

Marrone Marietta Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Ferrari

An extremely dark shade of brown, requested through Tailor Made.

Marrone Metallico

Marrone Metallico Ferrari 308 GT4

Photo: Stephan Bauer

Metallic brown, mainly seen on classic Ferrari models such as the Dino.

Nero Daytona

Nero Daytona Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo: Max Lammers

The go-to shade of black. Named after the racing circuit in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Nero DS Opaco

Nero DS Opaco Ferrari 599 GTO

Photo: Paíto Motors

If you’re going for a matte black Ferrari, Nero DS Opaco is the colour for you.

Nero Setoso

Nero Setoso Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo: Wen Xi Lee


Nerotto Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo: Ferrari

Flat shade of black with very dark blue hues.

Oro Chiaro Metallizzato

Oro Chiaro Metallizzato Ferrari 308 GTB

Photo: Christian Delfs

Metallic light gold primarily used in the old days.

Oro Kelso

Oro Kelso Dino Ferrari 206


A unique shade of gold which was reportedly used on only 3 Ferrari Dinos.

How many did you knew of before? Let us know in the comment section below!

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