Ferrari 12Cilindri: new chapter in Ferrari’s V12 legacy

Ferrari 12Cilindri: new chapter in Ferrari’s V12 legacy

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Today, we’re excited to report on the launch of the new Ferrari 12Cilindri, a contemporary marvel that pays homage to its illustrious predecessors while pushing the boundaries of technology and design.

The V12-journery continues.

A nod to the golden age

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The 12Cilindri isn't merely forward-thinking. It harks back to the golden age of the 1950s and '60s Gran Turismo Ferrari models, renowned for their blend of racing thrill and day-to-day versatility.

This new model promises the same race-bred exhilaration, updated with modern technology and conveniences that make it not just a race car, but a vehicle suited for the high roads and byways of any adventurer's travel map.

The heartbeat of Maranello

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The newly unveiled Ferrari 12Cilindri is not just a car; it's a testament to decades of engineering passion. Crafted as a two-seater berlinetta, this beast features the iconic naturally-aspirated V12 engine positioned mid-front, a layout that has thrilled enthusiasts for generations.

Its launch marks not just another model release but a significant milestone in the evolution of the Ferrari V12 saga.

Sculptural masterpiece

Ferrari 12Cilindri

Describing the Ferrari 12Cilindri merely in terms of its engine does it a disservice. This car is a perfect amalgamation of performance that races the pulse and design that captures the gaze.

With an aesthetic that can only be described as sculptural, the vehicle's lines and contours are both aggressive and elegant, making it a standout even among its distinguished predecessors. The 830-cv engine ensures that it doesn’t just look like a dream, but moves like one too.

Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

Alongside the berlinetta, the Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider made its debut, promising an unmatched open-air driving experience. This version shares the same powerful V12 engine but adds the allure of the sky overhead, available at the touch of a button.

Ferrari 12Cilindri Spider

Designed for those who aren’t just fans of the V12 engine but also of the sun and the stars, this spider variant combines high-speed performance with the elegance of convertible living.

Interior of the Ferrari 12Cilindri

Ferrari 12Cilindri interior

The Ferrari 12Cilindri interior is designed with a three-tier layout that enhances the dual-cockpit effect, utilizing color and material contrasts for either an elegant or sporty appearance. It features a nearly symmetrical structure for both driver and passenger, aimed at optimizing comfort and driving engagement.

The interior includes sustainable materials like recycled polyester Alcantara©, reflecting Ferrari's commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the 12Cilindri introduces a new Human Machine Interface with three displays, enhancing the interactive experience, and offers options like a high-end Burmester® audio system and mobile connectivity features like Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®.

A legacy continued

Ferrari 12Cilindri

The Ferrari 12Cilindri and 12Cilindri Spider aren't just new entries in Ferrari’s storied book of automotive excellence. They are chapters that continue the narrative of a legendary marque that has always stood for the pinnacle of performance and design.

For the connoisseur, the enthusiast, and the dreamer, these cars represent the very best of an enduring legacy.

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  • David Smith

    I went to the launch of this car at Maranello.
    It is massively overpriced for what it is which will lead to a very high level of depreciation.
    There is a lot of black glossy plastic on the car which already shows signs of heavy scratching on the demo model.
    Personally I was very disappointed in the car and will not be ordering one.
    I previously had the 812 coupe and can’t work out why customers would want to pay £100,000 for what is a very similar car.

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