Ferrari Sunshine During A Dark Period: All Yellow Shades

Ferrari Sunshine During A Dark Period: All Yellow Shades

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The world is going through a tough time, so let's look at the brightest colour in Ferrari's palette and the colour of Modena: yellow.

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Ardilla Amarillo

Ardilla Amarillo Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: JeapperRacingTeam

A very rare shade of yellow, which translates to Yellow Squirrel in Spanish. The Ferrari 488 Pista above is finished in this colour as a tribute to the 1958 250 Testa Rossa (0724TR).

Giallo Dino

Giallo Dino Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Photo: Joep Verbeeten

First seen in the 1960s when the mid-engine Dino was the bread winner for the marque.

Giallo Lady Gaga

Giallo Lady Gaga Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Photo: Daniel Zizka

No doubt this has something to do with American singer Lady Gaga, though it’s very hard to find any information on the colour. To our knowledge, the 599 SA Aperta pictured above is the only Ferrari wearing this shade of yellow.

Giallo Libano

Giallo Libano Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

Photo: Alain Class Motor

One-off colour named after the country of Lebanon.

Giallo Modena

Giallo Modena Ferrari F50

Photo: Flavio Ori

The official Ferrari yellow and still part of today’s palette.

Giallo Montecarlo

Giallo Montecarlo Ferrari SF90 Spider

Photo: Ferrari

First used on the 2020 Ferrari SF90 Spider, Giallo Montecarlo resembles the rich life of the French Riviera with a gold appearance.

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Giallo Nancy

Giallo Nancy Ferrari 812 Superfast

Via: FerrariColors

One-off shade of yellow requested through Ferrari Tailor Made.

Giallo Senape

Giallo Senape Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Photo: Andreas Birner

Senape is Italian for mustard, and indeed it does look a bit like mustard.

Giallo Solare

Giallo Solare Ferrari 275 GTB

Very close to Giallo Lady Gage, Solare is a combination of yellow and cream.

Giallo Triplo Strato

Giallo Triplo Strato Ferrari F12berlinetta

Photo: Allan Erbst

Giallo Triplo Strato is a more recent shade of yellow. As it’s a triple layer paint, the sparkle in the sunlight is beautiful. It’s rumoured the colour will set you back about €10.000.

If there’s any shades missing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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  • Juan Barazi

    The yellow on the 599 SA Aperta was called ‘Giallo Barazi’ when I chose it for my 599 SA Aperta.

  • Maurice

    Hello, I could use some help identifying how the following Ferrari color looks like. It is Giallo Man O’war and was used in the sixties and seventies. SHould you have a photo of it, I would greatly appreciate receiving a high-resolution copy.


  • john

    Giallo Triplo Strato is just over $30,000 US. I know because I got my F8 Spider in that paint color. Worth every penny IMO.

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