How Was Drake’s Ferrari LaFerrari Able To Fly?

How Was Drake’s Ferrari LaFerrari Able To Fly?

The 2018 ‘Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour’ presented some impressive stages and props: a basketball court, enlightened drones and Drake’s 2015 Giallo Modena Ferrari LaFerrari. Not on stage, but flying through the concert hall.

Photography: Drake, HOT 96.9 Boston

Thanks to a video of NYC based INSIDER we know who was behind it and how it all worked.

Ferrari LaFerrari Drake

Hip-hop might not be my favourite music genre, but if there’s a Ferrari involved I happily sit through some of the videos. In early 2018, Drake bought the car, with just 321 miles on the clock. An estimated $3.5 million was left at Fusion Luxury Motors in Los Angeles. Besides showing it off on Instagram and his ‘I’m Upset’ video, he wanted to go a step further. Creative Director of the tour – Willo Perron – went to work.


Ferrari LaFerrari Drake

Perron commissioned an inflatable replica of the LaFerrari in Spain. Although the details are impressive, it’s essentially a giant inflatable balloon. Gear Factor, a Hong-Kong based company specialized in flying solutions during live events, created a drone out of the LaFerrari and controlled it behind the scenes.

Once Drake started the song ‘Yes Indeed’ featuring Lil Baby, the LaFerrari appeared and flew around the whole venue. The main reason why the production team wanted to have all of those impressive stages and props, was to involve the crowd. They needed to get the feeling to play a huge part in the whole experience. Even the spectators in the back got a close glimpse of the LaFerrari.

To make sure the LaFerrari would last from August till November, the car was slightly smaller than the real thing. This way it was easier to move it around without damaging it.

Showing off your precious car just went to a whole next level.

Written by Max Lammers

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