‘Le Grand Rendez-Vous’ Featuring Leclerc and Ferrari SF90 Stradale

‘Le Grand Rendez-Vous’ Featuring Leclerc and Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Now starring an actual Ferrari.

A beautiful remake of an iconic 1970s film.

The original film

The original 1976 film - directed by Claude Lelouch named C'était un rendez-vous - allegedly featured a Ferrari 275 GTB driving through the centre of Paris. It’s a mesmerizing clip of 8.5 minutes, which is definitely worth checking out before watching the remake:

The story goes that Lelouch was arrested after it was first shown publicly, though this was never confirmed. Experts made calculations on the top speed of the car in the film, and concluded it could have been in excess of 140 kph (85 mph) with an average speed of 78.64 kph (48.86 mph). 30 years after its release, Lelouch told in an interview he drove his own Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 with two passengers and added the soundtrack of a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 under it. Fun fact: the film is 8.5 minutes long because the film reel could only hold 10 minutes of material.

Only two others knew of the making of the video. Élie Chouraqui, his first assistance, was situated in the Rue de Rivoli to warn Lelouch when a dangerous traffic situation would occur. The walkie-talkies they used failed, but fortunately there was nothing to report. The other person was Gunilla Friden, who was his then-girlfriend. She’s the lady appearing at the Sacré-Cœur upon Lelouch’s arrival.

The remake

Shot on May 24 – the date of the cancelled Monaco GP – Ferrari handed over two SF90 Stradales to the film crew. The whole Principality of Monaco was closed and behind the scenes footage shows Charles Leclerc piloting the 1000 CV car and reportedly reaching a top speed of up to 240 kph (149 mph).

Watch the video Ferrari released below:

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