Meet The Ferrari 812 GTS By Novitec

Meet The Ferrari 812 GTS By Novitec

The ultimate open-top sports car just received a treatment from the boys from Germany.

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As is often the case with Novitec, they merely enhance various parts of the car to give it a more aggressive look before introducing the full N-Largo upgrade. In the case of the 812 GTS, they added a large carbon fiber front splitter, including winglets, making the black grille appear even bigger.

Ferrari 812 GTS by Novitec - Front

Carbon fiber is also used to amplify air outlets on the bonnet and on the side of the car. The latter are partnered by a large carbon fiber side skirt which runs all the way to the back in a standard carbon fiber diffuser. A small rear spoiler lip has been added too.

Ferrari 812 GTS by Novitec - Rear

Novitec lowered the car with 35 mm (1.4 inch) thanks to their in-house suspension and added Vossen NF10 forged wheels. These are 21” upfront and 22” on the rear.


Ferrari 812 GTS by Novitec - Front

Apart from the obvious enhancements, Novitec also tweaked the engine to a mind-boggling power output of 840 bhp, about 50 bhp more than the standard car. This is mainly due to the exhaust upgrade combined with sports catalysts, unleashing more power and more sound from Ferrari’s 6.5-L V12 engine. The torque number increased with 33 Nm, resulting in 751 Nm available at 7,300 rpm.


Written by Max Lammers.

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