2010 Ferrari Yearbook for sale

Monthly Essentials For Ferrari Lovers

This month’s favourites include the V8 Sport Special art print and a very special display of the car Gilles Villeneuve debuted in.

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Ferrari V8 Sport Special - Art Print

Ferrari V8 Sport Special Art Print

Less weight, more power. For years, Ferrari has applied this philosophy to its V8 bloodline, following up each mid-engine V8 production car with a track-focused version. This has given us such cars as the Challenge Stradale and 458 Speciale, as well as several open-top spinoffs.

This newly stocked art print features the full ‘V8 Sport Special’ bloodline, starting with the Challenge Stradale all the way up to the 488 Pista Spider.

2010 Ferrari Yearbook

2010 Ferrari Yearbook for sale

The 11th edition of the now legendary Ferrari Yearbook 2010 opens with the exciting account of the Formula 1 season. Enjoy race reports and comments from team members interspersed with interviews with four well-known figures about their work and their relentless passion for Ferrari.

Ferrari 312 T2 B – Framed

Ferrari 312 T2 B - Framed

This hand-picked display shows the Ferrari 312T2 B in scale 1:43 accompanied by an original painting of the same car at the 1977 Canadian Grand Prix. This was a special race, as the driver – Gilles Villeneuve – made his debut for the Prancing Horse at his home Grand Prix. Villeneuve went on to win 6 Grand Prix races in a Ferrari until his untimely death in 1982.

This is a 1 of 1 art piece.

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