Monthly Essentials For Ferrari Lovers

Monthly Essentials For Ferrari Lovers

This month’s top three items from the store that caught our attention.

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Ferrari 308 GTB (Cutaway) – Art Print

The Ferrari 308 GTB is a desirable Ferrari in every sense of the word: relatively affordable, made famous on the big screen and the very first production mid-V8 sports car to come out of Maranello. Designed by Pininfarina, the Ferrari 308 replaced the outgoing Dino 246 family in 1975 and was marketed alongside the mid-V8 2+2 Ferrari GT4 cars.

Completed by British artist John Lawson, this Ferrari 308 GTB Cutaway print offers a unique insight in the technical aspects of the car. Lawson made the original piece in 1984 as part of his college finals.

Ferrari 812 Superfast – Art Print

Ferrari 812 Superfast - Art Print

With the upcoming Ferrari 812 ‘Versione Speciale’, it’s almost made clear the naturally aspirated 6.5-L V12 will be the marque’s swan song. Therefore, the 812 family marks the end of an era of stunning engine notes reminiscent of the old school Formula 1 cars.

Though you cannot appreciate the 812 Superfast’s sound through an art print, it’s a must-have piece for any Ferrari fan.

Ferrari by Hartmut Lehbrink

Ferrari by Hartmut Lehbrink

“In an age when the motor car has become just another consumer durable, Ferrari has remained faithful to a past when mobility was considered a gift and a privilege. The love inspired by Ferrari lasts a lifetime. Anyone who has been drawn into the triangle of power, speed and beauty that make up the Prancing Horse charisma, remains forever in its grip. The sole aim of this book is to convey some of its attraction.”

Above is the introduction to Ferrari by Hartmut Lehbrink, a hardbound coffee-table encyclopedia on Ferrari. Written in four languages (English, German, Spanish and French), the book covers a variety of subjects such as Enzo Ferrari, the company’s early years and in-depth stories of some of the brand’s most iconic cars.

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