Peek Inside Bernie Ecclestone's GP Collection With This Large Opus Book

Peek Inside Bernie Ecclestone's GP Collection With This Large Opus Book

We have been working with the British publisher Opus for some time, but their latest addition to our store deserves a bit more attention. Meet 'My Selection of F1 Cars From Bernie's Collection by Luca di Montezemolo'.

The concept of the project was to create a limited-edition Opus book that would tell the story of the cars that Bernie Ecclestone had collected over the decades that held special meaning to him. For the first time, Ecclestone arranged for his entire collection to be photographed by the Opus team. The goal was to capture the portraits and personalities of the cars in a unique way.


Ferrari 312T Polaroid

Not just any camera was used to capture the collection: Opus used the iconic Polaroid 20×24 Land camera. This 107 kg unit is one of the largest format cameras currently still in use, and the film plates measure 20 x 24 inches (51 × 61 cm).

“Magnifico! The photographs are very special and an honour to have one of the Opus editions in my collection.”

Piero Ferrari

Bernie Ecclestone, a name inseparably connected with Formula One, took the single-seater sport from a niche racing competition to a global spectacle in his career. Through the years, he build a Grand Prix Car collection that varies from the Ferrari 312 B3-74, F2002 and Lancia-Ferrari D50A to a few non-Ferrari gems, such as the Brabham-Alfa BT46B and Bugatti Type 54. The book features these and 20 other rare collectibles, and offers an exclusive look into one of the most prestigious private car collections on earth.

The Ecclestone Formula One Collection


The book starts with a foreword by former chairman of Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo. Further contributions from designer Gordon Murray and Bernie Ecclestone make up most of the written captions that go with each car. Both Piero Ferrari and Louis Camilleri approved the book and enjoyed peeking at it during the 90 Years festivities in Milan this September. The Opus book stands at 70 cm tall and 50 cm wide, with 300 pages printed using state-of-the-art high definition technology on luxurious 200 gsm silk paper.

Incredible detailed photographs and specifications on each car, including drivers and racing achievements, will bring you up close and personal with the collection. Bernie asked his lifelong friends Luca di Montezemolo and Gordon Murray to work alongside him in curating and sharing their thoughts and memories of the cars. The result is a collection of entertaining insights into each car’s triumphs and achievements.

“To see the Ferrari F1 cars from Bernie’s collection in this unique way is amazing – it is just stunning to see!”

Louis Camilleri

Learn more about this collectible book, quantities are very limited.

The Ecclestone Formula One Collection

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