Photographing A Ferrari FXX-K EVO On Public Roads

Photographing A Ferrari FXX-K EVO On Public Roads

A unique story from a Philadelphian car event.

As the title of this article would suggest, American photographer Dean Foley got to photograph a Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads. The car, which is not built for the streets or even road legal in the U.S., received a police escort to drive from its garage to a car event.

Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads

Just to refresh you: the Ferrari FXX-K EVO is an evolution of the LaFerrari-based Corse Clienti track-only car introduced in 2015. It packs a HY-KERS V12 partnered with an electric motor, resulting in a combined power output of 1,036 hp.

Read about Dean’s experience below.

My ‘pièce de résistance’

“Well, that day had started like any other. I was going to a car meet that was new to me, about an hour away. I was excited, as I had asked a friend of mine if he'd bring out his Porsche Carrera GT and he agreed if it didn't rain.

Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads

The car meet was being held at Porsche Warrington, so I left earlier than I needed to. I arrived a bit early and all I could do was wait. Cars started arriving, and finally the Carrera GT arrived, and I was excited to see that.

The arrival

I was waiting on the street corner for cars to arrive, scrolling through Instagram, when I heard a loud V12 downshift and looked up. My first thought was that it looked like a Ferrari LaFerrari from a distance, but as it grew closer, I realized what had arrived – the FXX-K EVO. It had driven on the street without number plates to this car meet. It was crazy.

Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads

I got a ton of shots of it, but as the car meet started to end, and cars started leaving, I knew I had to ask. I had to try to see if he would let me drive with him for a little while, just to get photos. I paced around, nervous, as this was a legendary race car. Eventually, my friends Andrew (@610spotter) and Kameron (@del.spotter) convinced me I'd probably never have this kind of opportunity again, and I had to give it a shot.

“I just had to ask”

I walked up to the owner, CF Charities Supercar Show, and asked when he was leaving. He replied, “Soon, about 5 minutes.” So, I confidently asked: "Would you mind if I drove with, or next to you, to get some photos of the car driving on the streets?" He thought about it for a second, made sure I wouldn't be driving, and agreed. Luckily, he was heading in the direction we had to go, so it all worked out.

Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads

Unknown to me at the time was that there was a police escort. As we were getting ready, a police car pulled in front and turned on its lights as the FXX-K EVO started, roaring its V12. We pulled behind it and off we went. It was wild, driving with an FXX-K EVO on the streets, with traffic and all.

People were staring in amazement as the V12 made one of the best sounds I've ever heard. At one point we were at a red light in traffic, and I noticed in cars around us people were smiling and taking a photo with their phones. People walking on the sidewalks stopped and just smiled when they saw the car driving past. It was just wonderful to see so many happy people wonder as they saw the car driving on the streets. One of my favourite experiences of all time.

Ferrari FXX-K EVO on public roads

Eventually we had to turn away and head home, but I probably got some of my favourite shots of all time, knowing I wouldn't get this opportunity again.

It was an amazing day, and I can't thank Porsche Warrington enough for hosting the event and CF Charities Supercar Show for being so kind and amazing.”

Watch the IGTV the owner uploaded to IGTV below:



Written by Dean Foley.

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