The Ferrari V8 Sport Special No One’s Ever Heard Of (348 Serie Speciale)

The Ferrari V8 Sport Special No One’s Ever Heard Of (348 Serie Speciale)

Today, lighter, more track-focused versions are part of almost every supercar lineup. But did you know Ferrari’s special V8s started with a model that no one talks about anymore? The 348 Serie Speciale.

Photography: LBI Limited

Unveiled at the 1992 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale boasted different features compared to the regular Ferrari 348. Among them, a new front spoiler to improve aerodynamics, a new lightweight exhaust system, a new front grille, and carbon fibre seats wrapped in Connolly leather. The F40 style seats were standard on the Serie Speciale but most buyers optioned them with normal 348 seats

Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale

The bumpers, side spoilers and engine cover were all painted to match the body colour, which is also the easiest way of distinguishing it from a regular production 348.

Technically, slight modifications were also made by shortening the final drive ratio and making the rear stance 50 mm wider. It was fitted with special tires made in collaboration with Pirelli and the overall result was an improvement of 12 bhp – not great by today’s standards, but they had to start somewhere!

Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale

The Serie Speciale came both in TB and TS versions, with 35 coupes and 65 targas. Sadly for us Europeans, all 100 units were exclusively built for the US-market, so seeing one on European soil is almost impossible.

We’d like to thank LBI Limited for providing us with pictures of two 348 Speciales they sold. Below is their view on the value of the car.

On the value side of the equation, the 348 Serie Speciale is uniquely positioned to be a worthwhile investment. It is the final, most developed iteration of the model and extremely limited in production. It speaks to an up-and-coming generation of Ferrari collectors that want a limited production, collectible car with a relatively low pricing barrier.

Ferrari 348 Serie Speciale

A low-mileage, unmodified, Concours condition car can be had for around $135,000. Can you think of another classic Ferrari in which they only built a hundred of that can be bought for anything less than half a million dollars? We can't! The key is finding a good example. Much like the average 348, many of them have fallen into the hands of careless owners so the population of "investment quality" examples cuts the production number in half which makes the quality cars even more desirable, more difficult to find and thus more collectible.

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Written by Adolfo Massari (LBI Limited) and Max Lammers.

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