The Many Shades Of Ferrari White

The Many Shades Of Ferrari White

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White – Bianco in Italian – may not be the most popular Ferrari colour, it definitely surprised us how many shades there are.

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Avorio Ferrari Portofino

Photo: Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale

An ‘ivory’ shade of white and part of Ferrari’s historical colour palette.

Bianco Avus

Bianco Avus Ferrari F12tdf


The go-to shade of white.

Bianco Birdcage

Bianco Birdcage Ferrari LaFerrari

Photo: @something_guo

Originally a Maserati colour, Bianco Birdcage is named after the iconic Maserati Tipo 61. The Tipo 61 was fitted with a space frame chassis which is reminiscent of a bird cage.

Bianco Cervino

Bianco Cervino Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Photo: Ferrari of Austin

A newer shade of white, introduced with the GTC4Lusso range. Bianco Cervino is most likely named after Mount Cervino, a mountain in the Alps.

Bianco Fuji

Bianco Fuji Ferrari 812 Superfast

Photo: @shunya1209

A pearl white named after Mount Fuji, a famous mountain in Japan.

Bianco Fuji Opaco

Bianco Fuji Opaco Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo: Sportscar Protection

The matte version of Bianco Fuji.

Bianco Ilyana

Bianco Ilyana Ferrari 812 Superfast

Photo: HR Owen Ferrari and Chris Froggatt

Requested through Tailor Made, Bianco Ilyana is a one-off colour.

Bianco Italia

Bianco Italia Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Sergio Filho

A stunning shade of white which is reminiscent of pearl and named after Ferrari’s home country.

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Bianco Italia Opaco

Bianco Italia Opaco Ferrari 458 Speciale

Photo: Yuki Kugai

The matte version of Bianco Italia.

Bianco JJ

Bianco JJ Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

Photo: @vic_chou_photo

A one-off colour requested by Singaporean singer/songwriter JJ Lin.

Bianco Liana

Bianco Liana Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: @ferraritailormade

A very bright triple layer paint with a pearl effect.

Bianco Polo

Bianco Polo Ferrari 275 GTB

Photo: Andreas Birner

The go-to shade of white before Bianco Avus was added to the regular colour palette.

Bianco Sanae

Bianco Sanae Ferrari 458 Speciale

Photo: @kougouf

Available through Tailor Made, Bianco Sanae is seen on a few Ferraris, including this 458 Speciale.

Bianco Tartan

Bianco Tartan Ferrari 812 Superfast


A Tailor Made shade of white.

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Written by Max Lammers.


  • Kirsten

    How much for the Brianco Italian and Brianco tartan? Please tell me price for each car in white. Thanks

  • Adam

    Hello, could you tell me what cars were available in the Bianco Mille Miglia and share any images of this color on a car? I have a client that wants his 458 race car painting white but he wants to see this shade.
    Thank you.

  • Gilberto Saldana

    Need to find a PPG color code for Bianco Sanae Livrea.

  • Andrew

    What would be top interior colors to pair up ?

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