Walk Down Memory Lane: Ferrari Mid V8 Cars

Walk Down Memory Lane: Ferrari Mid V8 Cars

With production of the F8 Tributo in full swing, let’s take a look at its predecessors.

1975 Ferrari 308 and 1980 Ferrari 208

 Ferrari 308 GTB

Photo: Juan Martinez

The Ferrari 308 GTB was unveiled at the 1975 Paris Motor Show as an addition to the Dino 308 and as successor to the Dino 246 GT. It was one of the first Ferraris to boast a less curvy design.

Ferrari 208 GTB

Photo: Derek Cornelissen

The Ferrari 208 was entirely based on the 308, but featured a smaller engine due to new tax regulations in Italy – 38% instead of the usual 18%. It was primarily sold in Italy.

1986 Ferrari 328

Ferrari 328 GTB

Photo: Billy Tang

In spite of the fact that the Ferrari 328 looks quite similar to the 308, it’s still worth mentioning. The 328 was the final evolution of the V8 Dino engine.

1989 Ferrari 348

 Ferrari 348 TB

Photo: Dan Milwood

Deemed ‘Best in Show’ during its debut at the 1989 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Ferrari 348 was the final V8 car developed by Enzo Ferrari before he passed away the year before. Leonardo Fioravanti was in charge of the design of the car. Although it borrowed styling cues from the Ferrari Testarossa and F40, it’s still to this day one of the most unloved V8 Ferraris.

1994 Ferrari F355

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Photo: Derek Cornelissen

The 355 ushered in a softer, more modern design language and was an important car for Ferrari. Production exceeded 10.000 units and it was the first time Ferrari offered F1-style shifting paddles on a production car. The high-pitch V8 still sounds as beautiful as the car looks.

1999 Ferrari 360

Ferrari 360 Modena

Photo: Supercars Brazil

The turn of the century brought yet another evolution in Ferrari’s design language. The stunning 360 Modena possessed even more curves than its predecessors.

2005 Ferrari F430

Ferrari F430

Photo: Roman Isachenko

The Ferrari F430 offered sharper lines than the 360 Modena and introduced new production practices that still persist. First, they introduce the Coupe version of their new flagship V8, then the Spider, and after a few years they roll out a limited-edition, track-focused version. Lastly, they launch a limited-edition convertible version of the track-focused car. This structure continues even today.

2010 Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 Italia

Photo: Toy Barn

So good, even Caption Slow (i.e. James May) bought one. Telegraph Cars named the 458 Italia their 2011 Car of the Year in the category “Money No Object”. Whereas the F430 was a gentle reimagining of the 360, Donato Coco and Pininfarina gave the 458 Italia a whole new design language marked by sharp angles and discreet air intakes.

2015 Ferrari 488

 Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo: Jose Solis

A new era of Ferrari mid-V8 cars arrived with the introduction of the 488 GTB. It was the first car in this bloodline to receive a turbocharged engine.

2020 Ferrari F8

Ferrari F8 Tributo

Photo: Nick Philippo

Named in honor of its remarkable V8 engine – the most powerful in Ferrari history – the F8 Tributo is the latest iteration of the mid-V8 concept. Design cues from important Ferrari V8 cars found their way on the drawing board, such as the louvered Perspex engine cover (F40) and iconic double taillights (many models).

What is your favourite Ferrari mid-V8 car from the last 45 years?

Written by Max Lammers.

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