21 Shades Of Ferrari Blue

21 Shades Of Ferrari Blue

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Undoubtedly, blue is one of the most popular colours for a Ferrari.

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Azzurro Chiesi

Azzurro Chiesi Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Recharge Automotive and @scuderia_maranello

A one-off colour requested through Tailor Made. It is based on the same shade that the 1951 Ferrari 212 Inter Coupe Ghia s/n 0145E wears.

Azzurro La Plata

Azzurro La Plata Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: MAHILfilms

A super-bright shade of blue. This colour is most likely named after the blue-footed booby, a seabird native to the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Azzurro La Plata Opaco

Azzurro La Plata Opaco Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Siddarth Ramachandran

Matte version of Azzurro La Plata.

Azzurro Le Castellet

Azzurro Le Castellet Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo: Ferrari

This shade of blue is inspired by the French Paul Ricard circuit, famous for its red-white-blue asphalt escape routes.

Azzurro Monaco Opaco

Azzurro Monaco Opaco Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Ferrari

Matte version of Azzurro Monaco, named after the blue sea you can find in the principality of Monaco.

We featured the Metallic version in Part 2.

Blu Avio

Blu Avio Ferrari Scuderia Spider 16M

Photo: Justin Schmö̈ller

A soft-blue that increasing in popularity with the introduction of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and Scuderia Spider 16M.

Blu Carolina

Blu Carolina Ferrari 812 Superfast

Photo: Ferrari

Another one-off colour recently requested through Tailor Made. It’s said that the colour is named after the owner’s daughter.

Blu Chiaro

Blu Chiaro Ferrari Testarossa

Photo: Dragone Classic

Bright shade of blue, primarily used in the 1980s.

Blu Chiaro Metallizzato

Blu Chiaro Metallizzato Ferrari Dino 246 GT

Photo: The Big Picture

Very different from the regular Blu Chiaro, this shade is much brighter and in some lights appears to be green.

Blu Elettrico 2020

Blu Elettrico 2020 Ferrari SF90 Spider

Photo: Ferrari

A revised version of the original Blu Elettrico we mentioned in Part 2. This colour was first used on the Ferrari SF90 Spider with Assetto Fiorano package.

Blu Elettrico Opaco

Blu Elettrico Opaco Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Romans International

The matte version of Blu Elettrico.

Blu Julie

Blu Julie Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Ferrari

Dark blue requested through Tailor Made.

Blu Kenchan

Blu Kenchan Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Photo: @kenchan5560

Bright shade of blue acquired through Ferrari’s Tailor Made department.

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Blu Lent

Blu Lent Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta

Photo: Schaltkulisse

This one-off Tailor Made requested shade of blue is said to be inspired by the Ferrari F60 America of 2014.

Blu Medio

Blu Medio Ferrari 348 TB

Photo: Bonhams

A unique shade of blue, only available through a ‘Special order’.

Blu Montecarlo

Blu Montecarlo Ferrari 308 GTB

Photo: Christian Delfs

An Azzurro Dino-esque colour. Very rare and primarily used in the 1970s and 1980s.

Blu Montreal

Blu Montreal Ferrari 488 Pista Spider

Photo: Private owner and Sportgarage Leirer

Named after the city of Montreal, this shade of Blu was requested through Tailor Made and has a beautiful metallic flake in direct sunlight.

Blu Profondo

Blu Profondo Ferrari 488 Spider

Photo: AMARI

This shade was first used with the 70th anniversary liveries and is based on the Ferrari 275 NART Spyder (10691).

Blu Sera

Blu Sera Ferrari Testarossa

Photo: Giulio Feroleto

The go-to shade of Ferrari blue in the 1960s through the 1980s.

Blu Ultra Scuro

Blu Ultra Scuro Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Justin Schmö̈ller and The ARO Collection

A very dark, historical shade of blue.

Mexico Blau

Mexico Blau Ferrari 488 Spider

Photo: Ronnie Renaldi

A shade that is very close to the beloved Azzurro Dino, Mexico Blau is originally a Porsche colour.

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  • Steve

    I have a rhd 308 Vetroresina that should be painted in Blu Montecarlo. I do like this colour so at some point I will put the car back to its original spec.

  • Steve

    It should say “my favourite blue” phones spelling what it wants, I should check before I post.

  • Steve

    My favourite blurb is the Mexico Blu.
    I have a Vetroresina that should be Blu Montcarlo.
    It is red at the moment, I am thinking about putting it back to its original colour, I do like it.

  • Jim Moore

    Missing Scozia Blu, Pozzi Blu, maybe some others.

  • Xavier

    Discovered a new “one-off” blue (to be verified) Blu Tuxedo in Switzerland = https://www.autoscout24.ch/fr/d/x-occasion?vehid=8968423

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