Continuing The Blue Ferrari Shades Search (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing The Blue Ferrari Shades Search (Part 2 of 3)

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Surprisingly, there are many one-off and rare shades of Ferrari Blu. We listed 20 of them below. Click here if you missed Part 1.

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Azzurro Dino

Azzurro Dino Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Kroymans Ferrari

Starting off with a very bright shade: Azzurro Dino.

Azzurro Hyperion

Azzurro Hyperion Ferrari F12tdf


Seen here on a Ferrari F12tdf, Azzurro Hyperion is a light, almost greenish shade of blue. A quick online search shows a 512M (1996) in this exact colour, which suggest it was first used in the mid-1990s.

Azzurro Monaco

Azzurro Monaco Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: @joe_m

Named after the principality of Monaco, this colour most likely resembles the colour of the French Riviera sea.

Blu Ahrabian

Blu Ahrabian Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Photo: Daniel Viliam Mazáč

A rather flat colour requested through Ferrari’s Tailor Made programme.

Blu Antille

Blu Antille Ferrari Superamerica 45

Blu Antille was requested by Peter Kalikow, an American real estate developer, for his one-off Ferrari Superamerica 45.

Blu Cornes

Blu Cornes Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Blu Cornes was first used in 2006 when Ferrari, together with Cornes & Co., introduced the 612 Scaglietti ‘Cornes 30th Anniversary Edition’ to commemorate 30 years of importing Ferraris to Japan.

Blu Corsa

Blu Corsa Ferrari Portofino

Photo: Márkó Török

A bright shade of blue first used on the Ferrari 488 Spider in 2015.

Blu Elettrico

Blu Elettrico Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Daniel Viliam Mazáč

A triple-layer paint that’s starting to become more popular.

Blu Ghibli Cup

Blu Ghibli Cup Ferrari 599 GTO

Originally a Maserati colour first used on the Ghibli Cup (1995-97), a racing version of the Ghibli. This shade is very close to Azzurro Dino.

Blu Ginzana

Blu Ginzana Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Ferrari Sydney

Pictured is an F12tdf in the one-off colour Blu Ginzana, which commemorates the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO of Roger Penske that raced during the 12hr of Sebring.

Blu Helen

Blu Helen Ferrari 812 Superfast

Photo: Rich Harman

A darker shade of Ferrari blue.

Blu Hembery

Blu Hembery Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Ernesto Rietdijk

A dark shade of Ferrari blue named after Paul Hembery, a former executive of the Pirelli tyre company who requested the colour for his F12berlinetta. Here seen on @dulac_cars’ 488 Pista Spider in combination with a yellow livery.

Blu Inverno

Blu Inverno Ferrari 599 by Jason Castriota Design

Originally an Alfa Romeo colour, Blu Inverno was first used on the Ferrari 599 by Jason Castriota Design.

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Blu Krawczyk

Blu Krawczyk Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: Classic Sterne

A one-off colour requested through Tailor Made by a Polish Ferrari collector.

Blu Ortis

Blu Ortis Ferrari LaFerrari

Surely one of the darker shades of Ferrari blue, very similar to Blu Pozzi. Though Blu Ortis was primarily used in the 1970s and 1980s, the LaFerrari pictured is also finished in this beautiful shade.

Blu Scozia

Blu Scozia Ferrari LaFerrari

Photo: Harry Coles

Blu Scozia, or Scotland Blue, is a dark shade of blue that’s very suitable for cars with a lot of curves, such as the LaFerrari pictured.

Blu Soltani

Blu Soltani Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Ferrari Lake Forest

Arguably the brightest of bright Ferrari blues.

Blu Swaters

Blu Swaters Ferrari F355 Spider

Photo: Kroymans Ferrari

Blu Swaters comes alive when seen in direct sunlight and even has some purple hues. The colour is named after Jacques Swaters, a racing driver and former team owner of Ecurie Francorchamps. In his early years, he primarily raced British cars. After retiring from driving, he became a manager of Ecurie Nationale Belge. The team used a silver/yellow livery seen on the 250 GTO, but they also used a red/yellow livery seen on the 330 P4. In 1953, Ferrari appointed Swaters as official Ferrari importer for the Benelux area. Some 40 years later, in 1992, Ferrari unveiled the Ferrari 456 at the Belgian dealership. In recognition of the long-standing partnership, the colour was named after Jacques.

Blu Tour de France

Blu Tour de France Ferrari 488 GTB

Photo: Nino Hamet

The national colour of France, but for your Ferrari. This deep shade of blue is part of Ferrari’s regular colour range.

Blu Tour de France Opaco

Blu Tour de France Opaco Ferrari F12tdf

Photo: @prodrivercz

The matte version of Blu Tour de France.

Written by Max Lammers.


  • Jonathan Knight

    Just specced my Roma Spider in azzuro Monaco. Will post pics when it arrives!

  • Scott

    Blu Ahrabian appears flat in shade but in sunlight it sparkles. Named for Darius Ahrabian who ordered a LaF, TDF and Speciale in this color. Also headed Ferrari Financial at the time. A noted racer. Flat is not how I’d describe it..

  • Raj

    Blue America? My F12 is blue …

  • F-Ono

    Blu Mirabeau? Blu Corsa?
    That is the question of my next 812 GTS..

  • Max Lammers

    Hi Nowshin, thank you! We will add it in part three of our blue shades article. Take care!

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