15 Shades Of Ferrari Red

15 Shades Of Ferrari Red

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It was only a matter of time until we dove into the many shades of Ferrari red. Here are 15 classic versions of Rosso.

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Rosso Barchetta

Rosso Barchetta Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Photo: Masaki Aizawa

A beautiful darker shade of red. Barchetta, which is Italian for ‘little boat,’ refers to the shape of early Ferrari race cars.

Rosso Berlinetta

Rosso Berlinetta Ferrari F12berlinetta

Photo: Chicago Motor Cars

In theory, you can’t have a better colour on the Ferrari F12berlinetta, as this colour was specifically made for the car. On top of that, it’s a triple-layer paint, so the sparkle is incredible in direct sunlight. But with a €20.000 price tag, it’s not cheap.

Rosso Cina

Rosso Cina Ferrari 275 GTB

Photo: Andreas Birner

A non-metallic colour used by Ferrari in the 1960s.

Rosso Corsa

Rosso Corsa Ferrari F8 Spider

Photo: Ferrari Kroymans

The original colour of Italy and thus Ferrari. Read more about the history of Rosso Corsa here.

Rosso Dino

Rosso Dino Ferrari Portofino

Photo: Ferrari Kroymans

This shade of red, which appears almost orange, was introduced in the 1960s and reintroduced in 2002 when a Ferrari client wanted his Enzo in this colour. It’s currently part of Ferrari’s historical colour palette.

Rosso Fiorano

Rosso Fiorano Ferrari 488 Spider

Photo: Eduardo Alves

A darker shade named after Ferrari’s test track Pista di Fiorano.

Rosso Magma

Rosso Magma Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Ferrari of Long Island

Rosso Magma is a new shade we discovered just recently. Originally a Maserati colour, it was commissioned through the Tailor Made programme for a few new Ferraris, including this 488 Pista.

Rosso Maranello Opaco

Rosso Maranello Opaco Ferrari 458 Speciale

Photo: Clay McCulley

Based on the Italian word for ‘matte,’ opaco paints are becoming increasingly popular. This one is based on the metallic triple-layer Rosso Maranello shade.

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Rosso Metallizzato

Rosso Metallizzato Ferrari Testarossa

Photo: Thomas Balco

One of the darker hues featured in this article, Rosso Metallizzato is almost hinting to a purple tint as well. Seen here on a Ferrari Testarossa driving through Monte-Carlo.

Rosso Mugello

Rosso Mugello Ferrari Monza SP2

Photo: Ferrari Kroymans

Named after the Autodromo Internazionale del Mugello, this hue of red is a bit darker than usual. In combination with bronze wheels, it just looks perfect.

Rosso Portofino

Rosso Portofino Ferrari Portofino

Photo: Ferrari Kroymans

Rosso Portofino was introduced together with the Ferrari Portofino in 2017.

Rosso Scuderia

Rosso Scuderia Ferrari 488 Pista

Photo: Keegan Widmyer (Instagram / YouTube)

One of the brightest shades of red is Rosso Scuderia. In fact, it can appear orange from time to time. Named after the Ferrari Formula 1 team, Rosso Scuderia was used on single-seaters between 2003 and 2007 and replaced Rosso Corsa. Rosso Scuderia is brighter than the standard red, and Scuderia really pops on TV. The first time this was put on a car was with Ferrari Challenge Stradale.

Rosso Singapore

Rosso Singapore Ferrari F12berlinetta

Photo: @sfr25k

This shade appeared on the Tailor Made Ferrari SG50, which was commissioned by a Ferrari dealer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore. Apart from the unique metallic paint, it also features racing stripes in the Singaporean colours, embroidered Lion headrests, and a unique plaque to commemorate the occasion.

Rosso Vinaccia

Rosso Vinaccia Ferrari 599 GTO

Photo: Jon Wheel

Although Rosso Vinaccia translates to ‘red wine’ in English, the inspiration for the colour came from the remains of grapes after the juice is removed.

Rubino Micalizzato

Rubino Micalizzato Ferrari 599 GTO

Photo: @ddimcars

Possibly the darkest shade of Ferrari red is Rubino Micalizzato. This colour is currently only available on request and isn’t part of the regular palette.

What is your favourite shade of red featured in this article?

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Written by Max Lammers.


  • 8zero8

    I’d be happy to submit a photo of Rosso Formula 1 2007, as well as Rosso California.


    Missing Rosso Monza. Used on 599. Stunning

  • Carl Morandell

    Did I miss Rosso Fuocco on this list somewhere?

  • lonnie adams

    My Top 5 list would be:
    Rosso Vinaccia is absolutely the best color.
    Rosso Dino would be second
    Rosso Berlinetta/Rosso Scuderia are tied at third
    Rosso Magma would make #5.

  • Max Lammers

    Hi Orabi. Many thanks for your comment. The colour used during the 1000th race was Rosso Mugello.

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